Maintain Your Business Profile

As you climb up the career ladder you might get called to be spokesperson of different occasions and functions. It will become common knowledge that you are a important figure and therefore, wherever you visit, the people will always ask you to give some information about you to establish your reputation before handing out an audience to you.

When faced with situations like these, you simply cannot try to remember everything at the point of the conference or a few days before. The information that you publicly share says a lot about you and therefore uniformity has to be maintained if you are planning on maintain a unique reputation throughout.

Keep things formal and uniform

The main purpose of having the profile is to ensure that you will provide the same for all the places that you visit and your secretary and the HR department will hold a copy of the same with the latest update. However, the most important thing is that you need this profile to look extremely professional and have only bullet points of the summaries without detailed descriptions. Therefore the best to would be to consult professional CV writers and get your profile designed in an absolute corporate manner.
Also, these companies can maintain a record of you as a client and can quickly add your achievements and other career changes to the profile and provide you with the updated data at any time so automatically it will become less trouble for you to keep updating it.

Know the difference

Your business profile is not a resume and that fact has all the importance as you do not want a resume of yours including your personal details. Your profile is only supposed to hold your corporate achievements in the most precise manner. So, to whichever agency or person you handover to make your profile, make sure you have clearly communicated that CV writing is not what is expected. Also, when you receive the final copy ensure you read it personally a few times and get it proof read by trusted parties. You cannot be a CEO owning a profile with spelling mistakes.


Generally in resumes, there is a part where you provide the details of a few referees who can provide details about you. In your corporate profile, nobody is going to call the referees and check what you have done. The endorsements have to be made in summarized form, not exceeding two. Get the summary of the two of the most important endorsements you ever received and include them with the designations and the pictures of the people.

Invite to stay linked

As a corporate personality, it is common knowledge that people will want to stay connected to you. The best way to do so would be providing your LinkedIn account details so that the people can follow your business interests. All other social media are platforms where you share your personal life, and in the world of business, things should always be kept professional so LinkedIn is the way forward in case you want to stay connected with the corporate crowd.